Pacheanne Anderson

QITPOC Pride: The Elegy (02:36)

This film is an exploration and analysis of what Pride means to a QITPoC living in a world which is becoming more liberal, yet more confidently racist in relation to the white LGBTQ community and wider society. It examines the themes of identity, white privilege and institutionalised allyship.

Pacheanne Anderson

A Somewhat (Self) - Portrait Of A Sex Symbol (03:37)

Essentially, this is a film about the generation of the late millennials. It is a bold exploration of common issues amongst this age group. The themes examined include that of depression and anxiety, drug abuse, addiction to social media and sex obsession. A little funny, and a little sad.

Pacheanne Anderson is a published Writer and Multi-disciplinary Artist whose skills and experience range from Cinematography and Illustration, to Curation and Journalism.


Pacheanne is currently studying an MSc in Art, Law & Business at Chrisite's Education on a full scholorship.

Alongside studying their BA (Hons) in Moving Image at Brighton University, where they developed a unique artistic voice, they have also worked multiple diverse roles in the creative industry.

They have applicable knowledge of client and artist liaison, sales management, content creation and aim to bring their practical knoweldege and experience of the artworld together with their theoretical education to pursue a carreer in the management, representation and curation of (queer) black artists like themselves.

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