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About the Exhibition

Queer Heterotopias

6th August- 30th September 2021

About the Exhibition

Duke Mound, Brighton’s Palace Pier, the Marina, Brighton Sauna, Black Rock place, Portslade Basin Road Local Wildlife site and its naturist beach, Brighton Pavilion, the Pride parade, your home during the lockdown and sometimes your body… all these are heterotopias – places that are outside the norm, that are strange or in other words queer. In fact, Brighton, as a holiday seaside town where non-normative and even transgressive behaviour is rife, can be seen as a heterotopian city. As such, it has attracted throughout history the LGBT community and it is no wonder that it became the UK’s LGBTQ capital. 

The “Queer Heterotopias” exhibition, at The Ledward Centre [TLC], produced by SEAS Brighton in collaboration with the The LGBTQ+ Centre New York and the Preus Museum (Norway), celebrates these spaces and takes the visitors on a tour of past and present heterotopias.

Contributing Artists
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