Beth Easton

Queer Ghost

Queer Ghost

Visibility without rights, safety, education, and liberation means nothing. Making trans people more visible without creating a world where we are protected and allowed to thrive only sets us up for harassment and harm. The problem isn't lack of visibility, the problem is our systemic oppression, the direct attacks on our rights and healthcare, and the prioritising of cis people's opinions over our own lived experiences. Keep your visibility; we want liberation.

Artist Biography

Beth Easton is a queer, nonbinary, trans illustrator and comic artist. Their work has been published in Boshemia, Sassify, and they are a regular contributor to The Happy ‘Hood. Additionally Beth designs merch for the podcast Gender Reveal. Beth’s work was featured in the Museum of Transology online residency in 2019. They host an online queer sketchbook club every two weeks to cultivate a safe community space for LGBTQ+ people. Beth uses they/them pronouns.

You can view more of this artist's work on their Instagram or Twitter.


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