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Hussina Raja

80's to Lately: A Queer Celebration

A series of intimate portraits of individuals who grew up in the ‘80s – a defining decade in

queer history of progress and setbacks. Juxtaposed are profiles of a current generation who

represent what being queer can be today. Following the artist’s work with the Terrence

Higgins Trust and Stonewall Housing, this exhibition was born from research and cof ee

conversations over a period of 2.5 years, exploring queer identity, culture and sexuality.

Special thanks to all the contributors:

Alexis, Paul Allard, Dean Atta, Lola Clavo, Hannah Holland, Kate Jessop, Princess Julia, Francine Merry, Tareq Sayed Rajab de Montford, Fabio Santos, Terry O’Leary, Andy Polaris

Hashtag: #80s_To_Lately

Twitter: @HussinaRaja

Instagram: @HussinaRaja

Alexis - Make-up Artist and Performer

Paul Allard - Creative

Dean Atta - Poet, Writer and Educator

Lola Clavo - Filmmaker

Hannah Holland - DJ and Music Producer

Francine Merry - Musician

Tareq Sayed Rajab de Montford - Artist

Terry O’Leary - Forum Theatre Practitioner

Andy Polaris - Musician, Visual Stylist and Writer

Paul Allard - Creative

“...the music and the scene was much smaller so you knew people...whereas the gay scene now is so generic...all the values of the gay scene now are muscles, drugs and sort of manufactured music...which all sounds the same, there’s nothing unique..”

Tareq Sayed Rajab de Montford - Artist

“...there’s a danger of becoming the monster you set out to fight...anyone who fights or is an activist or wants to represent something of equality, they can’t criticise the things of the people that they disagree with because that’s exactly why they turned into the queer, because they don’t want that done to themselves...”

Dean Atta - Poet, Writer and Educator

“I think of the LGBT community cos, you know you gotta find what fits for you, not all

queer, or LGBT spaces are gonna be right for you, like not all spaces in general are gonna be right for you so people are creating the spaces that they need, so you either gotta find people with a similar mindset to you, or create a space.”