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About the Exhibition

News From Nowhere

“News from Nowhere” is a group exhibition for Refugee Week curated by award winning artist, Dr Gil Mualem-Doron and produced by the Socially Engaged Art Salon (SEAS). The “Nowhere” from which the exhibition’s “news” arrives is not William Morris’ utopian country but the dystopian places no one would like to find themselves in: from the Mediterranean’s abyss, to the Palestinian occupied territories, from countries still persecuting LGBTQ+ people to countries where xenophobia and racism are still tolerated. 


Addressing Refugee Week’s 2021 theme, ‘We Cannot Walk Alone’, the exhibition launch will include a procession with music and the public art intervention, “Conversations From Calais”. This starts at the new LGBTQ+ Ledward Centre/ Jubilee Library where the first part of the exhibition begins. It then meanders to the Black and Minorities Ethnic Community Partnership Centre (BMECP) where visitors can view the large room installation, ‘Message in a bottle’, which was created with more than 250 residents of Brighton and the South East.

Contributing Artists
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COVER_BW_A5_Conversations From Calais Ma
COVER_BW_A5_Robin Hammond -Withness_Chan
COVER_BW_A5_Eman Khokhar_United By Diffe
COVER_BW_A5_ Alqumit Alhamad _Boris X De