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'Queering Spaces' was a group exhibition, curated by Gil Mualem-Doron, founder of SEAS, as part of LGBTQ+ month. in February 2021. The LGBT community and its most vulnerable members have been hit hard by the Covid19 crisis. In many ways, the pandemic has brought back the trauma of the AIDS crisis, and has promoted discussions about the importance of safe spaces when, for some, 'Stay at home and stay safe’ is not a viable option and, at times, even a contradiction.


We were lucky enough to have BBC South East interview Founder Gil Mualem-Doron, Zine extraordinaire Erin James and The Ledward Centre Director Duncan Lustig Prean. View it here.


'Duncan Lustig-Prean, director at the Ledward Centre, said he was “thrilled” to be hosting the exhibition. “The arts have a long history of highlighting injustice and the need for change. Our collaboration with SEAS is really thrilling, driving forward our ambition to promote the astounding contribution of LGBTQ arts and culture make to our city and beyond.”'


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'COVID-19 has also drawn uncomfortable parallels with the AIDS pandemic. “There is some anger that during this pandemic a vaccination has been produced within eight months and with AIDS there is still no vaccination,” says Gil. “We are talking about millions of people who have died. We are all glad that we are getting the vaccination but think how many lives could have been saved if the reaction from government and the public had been the same at the start of the AIDS crisis."'




'Queering Spaces is the first of SEAS’ exhibitions in the up-and-coming Brighton LGBTQ+ venue, The Ledward Centre, which is named after the late editor of Gscene (now Scene), James Ledward.'




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'Art: SEAS launching ‘Queering Spaces’ exhibition 13 Feb'