Pacheanne Anderson

A Crime of Passion, A Testament To Domestic Violence in Non-Heterosexual Relationships, Single screen

A Crime of Passion

Originally part of an installation piece that was shown as part of the Brighton Pride Exhibition 2018, this film frames an intensely destructive same-sex relationship, presented as an episodic memory of a murder and articulated through the confession of the perpetrator. As well as being an attempt to reveal an accurate representation of the queer black female body on screen, it is a truthful projection of Domestic Violence.










A Crime of Passion, SEAS, 2021


I approached the second version of this film, from a reflective perspective of a fading memory. The main difference between the time this was made and now is the difference in me as an artist who is now an out trans person, remembering versions of events as what feels like a previous identity. When revisiting the soundtrack 2 years later, I focused on the episodic memory, and looked into other film soundtracks that were based on internal psychological conversations.

A Crime of Passion, soundtrack, SEAS, 2021

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